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The precursor to the O.M.A.C. was the "Hare & Hounds" club, which organized various runs and competitions.Started in 1892, it was one of the four founding clubs of the Victorian Amateur Athletic Association(now Athletics Victoria) in 1894. One of its members, E.H.Flack, was in Europe at the time of the 1st modern Olympiad and won both the 800m and 1500m events(making him the first Australian to win a gold medal at the Olympic Games and allowing Australia to be one of less than a handful of nations to have competed at every Summer Olympics).

Old Melburnians Athletics Club


When the Hare & Hounds club folded, Jack Newman (a 1924 Olympian) proposed the setting up of the O.M.A.C. As he was a member of St.Stephens Harriers and could not obtain a transfer, he had to stand out of athletic competition for a year in order to become a member of the Club.

In 1978 the Old Wesley athletic club amalgamated with the O.M.A.C. for the purposes of V.A.A.A. competition. They continue to conduct a separate cross-country team in the APSOB competition, but in all other respects their members are normal O.M.A.C. members.


 In 1979 the Powerhouse club also amalgamated with the O.M.A.C. Originally their members were only second-claim members of the O.M.A.C., but they are now full members.

In 1987the Club conditionally affiliated with A.P.S. United to take part in the combine A grade team.

2007 saw the club re-emerge as members tripled and various athletes winning state titles.

Old Melburnians Athletics Club
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